EBS specialise in the sale and service of single phase and three phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units. We sell, install and service major industry brands. Our sales team will provide an unbiased tailored UPS solutions for our customers. We ensure and recommend the right product to fit our customer’s unique budget and requirements.

We offer a broad set of power quality solutions that deliver protection for everything from PCs and workstations, all the way up to large infrastructure and complex data centers.

EBS also provide professional installation services for UPS units. With our experience and expertise, we manage all aspects of planning, design, installation, and maintenance of your critical power.


An Uninterruptible Power Supply is a device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level. Small UPS systems provide power for a few minutes; enough to power down the computer in an orderly manner, while larger systems have enough battery for several hours. In mission critical data centres, UPS systems are used for just a few minutes until electrical generators take over.


1-10 kVA

Smaller Single phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS’s) sit between an AC outlet (i.e., a wall outlet or power strip) and an electronic device (such as a computer, server, or phone equipment) to provide power conditioning, back-up protection, and distribution for electronic equipment loads. larger Single phase units also have the capability providing emergency power to a small office for 8 or more hours, without the need for a generator.


15-500 kVA

Three phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) operate in conjunction with existing electrical systems to provide power conditioning, back-up protection, and distribution for electronic equipment loads that use three phase power. A three phase UPS also prevents power disturbances such as outages, sags, surges, spikes, and noise from affecting the performance and life of the electronic device and vital data. Selecting three phase UPS requires an analysis of technology types, product specifications, and features.


120 kVA -  3.2 M

A modular UPS has many benefits and features. This is a highly efficient system as the power modules are only active if the demand requires them to be. They also have the capability to have redundant modules inside the same chassis, which greatly reduces the risk of downtime. Modular UPS Systems can be totally recovered in a matter of minutes, with the added benefit of a lower cost of ownership.


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