We understand that protecting your critical power starts with reliable generators (available in diesel). Our backup power generators deliver dependable power to a wide range of output requirements. EBS can help you find the correct generator that is engineered to provide maximum power, performance, flexibility and fuel efficiency.

EBS sells, installs, and services all sized generators that serve the various needs of our customers. From distributed generation and load management, to power quality for mission critical applications, we have the knowledge to offer complete solutions including equipment, long-term maintenance contracts, and turn-key power solutions.

Whether it’s a stand-alone installation or a part of a more complex power system our technical team will be able to get the job done. We work with you ever step of the way. We can look at your needs and provide a tailored power solution. With our trained technicians, we can ensure your power equipment will be properly transported, monitored and maintained.


An electrical engineer will ultimately calculate the size of the generator required for the load. Typically, the generator is 1.5 times the size of the load (kW) it will need to support during a power outage.The load could be any or all of the following: UPS and batteries, Air conditioning, Lights, Security etc


Diesel generators are an alternative, reliable source of voltage power often used by homes and businesses. Diesel generators produce electricity by using an alternator and a diesel engine. The engine uses diesel fuel to operate. The power of the engine (reflected as RPMs) is transformed by the alternator into a usable electrical current. This current is then distributed to buildings that are connected to a network.

A diesel generator also can take the place of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A generator can provide redundancy if a power grid suffers an outage. This power redundancy allows businesses to maintain their operations, hospitals to retain use of their instruments and airports to preserve system integrity. Any organization that controls mission critical applications can benefit from having a generator available as a reliable power source.


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