High density IT equipment can stress the power capabilities of our modern data centers. And as your company grows, so does the amount and type of equipment that needs temperature management, as well as the potential for unexpected problems with power and cooling infrastructure that can lead to overheating, overloads, and loss of redundancy.

The ability to measure and predict power and cooling capability at the rack enclosure level is required to ensure predictable performance and optimize use of the physical infrastructure resource. EBS has the complete cooling solution line for your data center needs. We offer a range of products to meet all density levels for wiring closets, small, medium, and large data centers.

With EBS and our efficient, scalable solutions offer predictable cooling for your business needs. Let us assist in crafting the solution that is right for you.


Air conditioning should be used to keep cold air in circulation within a server room, and should be able to convert and recycle warm air generated by servers. Extended heating problems within a server room can cause system faults, and even permanent damage to hard drives and servers; this can lead to significant downtime for businesses, and can cause serious issues with data loss if you don’t have other backups.


Precision cooling is an air conditioning or cooling technique that is specifically designed for use in IT equipment and environments and is implemented in devices that directly cool electronic and IT equipment. It has better air filtration capabilities, higher air flow and advanced humidity control mechanisms than standard cooling techniques.

Precision cooling helps beneficially control and manage air flow for indoor IT devices and equipment’s. Typically, a precision cooling system can be managed through software or programmatic access.

Precision cooling allows IT managers to control the temperature, humidity and air flow in an IT environment. Besides environmental and device cooling, precision cooling also assists in removing internal heat generated from computers and equipment. A precision cooling system vents out all the heat to maintain a balanced, sensible heat ratio, such as dynamically adjusted cooling in relation to the heat in or temperature of the device/environment.


In-row cooling precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity and is targeted cooling at the banks of server cabinets that fill the data center. They can be installed on the floor or suspended from overhead making them closer to the actual rack. This setup offers both capacity and efficiency gains. Neither cool air nor warm exhaust air has far to travel, allowing the units to dissipate high heat loads quicker and allows a more scalable approach to cooling your data center.


These are small precision cooling devices suspended from the IT room’s
structural ceiling. They cool 3-17kW of computer equipment . Ceiling mounted systems do not require floor space in the IT environment however installation and maintenance activities are more complicated due to their overhead


Hot Aisle Containment - The goal of hot aisle containment is to capture the hot exhaust from IT equipment and direct it to the CRAC or CRAH units as quickly as possible.

Cold Aisle Containment - By using containment curtains, metal, or other similar barrier, the cooling air is concentrated at the equipment intake. The cold air must pass through the server racks, cooling the equipment, before entering the rest of the room.


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