Battery performance varies greatly between the brands. A wrong decision on batteries can have a serious impact on UPS up time reliability, causing potentially devastating consequences from power interruptions.

We understand the intricate interactions between batteries and equipment. We have the expertise to handle logistical and management requirements of complex battery replacement projects as well as the necessary disposals of all battery systems.


Replacing a whole battery string is a costly exercise. A preventative annual battery impedance check will test each individual block within the string. This can identify any weak or failing individual unit, leading to a much lower replacement cost (or possibly the battery being re-conditioned) compared to the expense of swapping out an entire string. At the same time, this will check the overall battery string health ensuring that any UPS will deliver the protection expected from it when needed.

It is very important to know when your batteries are reaching their shelf life and when they need to be replaced to avoid downtime or possible breakdowns. We will guide you through this process by conducting full testing on current batteries and provide options on replacements.


We fully comply with South African legislation when it comes to the recycling or disposing your end of life batteries. Safe Eco Friendly disposal is mandatory.There are essentially two main categories of battery disposal, for spent batteries and for spills.

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